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Like other professional consult services i.e. accountants, attorneys and etc., we charge by the hour for design, sourcing, patternmaking & samples.

We ask for a retainer to cover the amount of work being done on your project. As we complete each step of the project we generate an invoice for the hours spent and hold you retainer until the end of the project, or until you ask us to apply it to a particular invoice.

Incoming work is filtered through one of our three departments, each having a different labor rate. If you order multiple samples or small production lots (36 pcs of one size and one color), we will provide you with a price-per-piece quote, but only after a sample is sewn at our hourly sample rate.

We take pride in our work, we offer quality. Our business is to furnish you with the entire package. However, if you only need us to do a small portion of your development work, we will ask questions to ensure our portion will fit into your total picture.

Our thorough, interactive approach will prevent you costly mistakes, which can occur from lack of communication between contractors. We understand manufacturing.